About Patterson Dental

Our mission is to meet the present and future needs of the dental industry

We want to make it easier for you to deliver excellent work. For us, the recipe to success incorporates three key elements.

Access to the best technology and software

A consultative approach facilitated by strong, open communication

Faster turn-around of cases from initial consultation through to delivery

The shift towards digital dentistry is changing all of our professional lives, making it more efficient, more predictable, and enabling ever more sophisticated creations.  

That said, we understand the processes of traditional techniques and the importance of experience.  Bringing a wealth of traditional expertise and digital know-how to the table, we work in collaboration with you to deliver the best possible results for your patients. 

What digital workflow means for you

Advances in technology and increasing demand from patients for faster treatment have prompted a surge in digital workflow practices. This describes the process from initial scan, using an intra-oral scanner (IOS), through to product design and surgery.

At Patterson’s, we offer immediate loading of cases, a process which delivers:

Greater efficiency of case processing

More accurate impressions 

Faster patient treatment times 

A better, more comfortable fit for patients

Many dental surgeries are already working with digital scanners.
At Patterson, we are compatible with and have developed protocols surrounding every digital scanner, so we can work with you no matter what model you are using. 

If you’ve not yet invested in a digital scanner, our technicians and trusted expert dentists have extensive knowledge concerning all of the most popular IOS units available. We would be happy to offer you impartial advice to help you choose the best scanner for your needs. 

If you’re not quite ready to invest in your own in-house IOS, but want to access the precision of digital design, we can digitise models poured from your traditional impressions.  


How we make you the best possible dentures and prosthetics 

Despite all of this technology and software, human beings are still a crucial component of the process.  If there is anything that needs clarifying, one of our technicians will make sure that they discuss this with you before we start, making sure that we get your vision absolutely right, the first time around.

Our laboratories are equipped with 3D printers which we use to create superb models from your intra-oral scans. 

The 3D software and digital interface that we use means that we can pick up on any issues immediately, significantly reducing the risk of future of revisions.  

3D printing is evolving at a fast pace, with continuous improvements being made both in aesthetics and the strength of the printable resins. As a result, we anticipate that we will be offering you 3D printed dentures not too long from now.