In our state-of-the-art laboratory, our dental technicians use digital smile design techniques to make a vast range of prosthetic solutions to help your patients achieve the smile they desire. 

We deliver hard, soft and implant-borne prosthetics, crown, veneer and bridge work to time and specification. A vast array of materials are available to us today, enabling the creation of natural looking, life-like restorations.  Part of our job as dental technicians is to discuss material options with you whenever pertinent.  

We construct crowns, bridges, veneers and implant cases with the greatest care and attention to detail, often using a hybrid of traditional and digital techniques.

Our philosophy is to emulate nature in all of our restorations. To do this, our cosmetic dental technicians work from digital photographs taken either by you, the clinician, or our shade evaluation team at our laboratory.  Using these photographs we customise restorations to the individual requirements of your patients, because no two smiles are alike. 

Whether you require a relatively simple single unit or a full mouth reconstruction, we know that communication is key to success. 

Before we embark on any restoration, we make sure that there is complete clarity regarding your prescription.  Wherever necessary, we have a one-to-one conversation with a member of your team to ensure that there is no ambiguity concerning what you need to achieve. 

We conduct in-depth analysis of cases to ensure that we understand the exact design that you have in mind.  Before we finalise your order, we’ll make sure that you have considered all of your options on material choice and/or alternative solutions, helping you to make the best choice possible in each case.  


Immediate loading of cases makes it easy for us to get the detail just right and deliver your implant solutions exactly how you need them.

If your practice is involved in, or considering immediate loading of implants, All on 4, teeth-in-a-day or other options, our specialist service team can help.  

We have worked with some of the UK’s top dentists in this sphere for over a decade, developing a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Planning the case and pre-empting potential stumbling blocks is essential to avoiding costly mistakes in this increasingly popular Smile in a Day, customer-driven, sector.

Our highly-skilled dental technicians in Specialist Services also create our acrylic and chrome dentures, ensuring aesthetic excellence in an area of our profession that is increasingly neglected. 

Working closely with you, and frequently using a blend of traditional techniques and digital protocols, our technicians are able to help you achieve results for your patients that are often life changing.


Our technicians are involved in on-going research to understand the technology and know-how that will continue to revolutionise the future of dentistry.

Our current project is focused on how new techniques and workflows can drive down cost by making restorations digitally, without the need to develop physical models.  

We partner in this work with international companies and scientists at the forefront of their field.  Over the coming years it is our intention to develop exclusive products, contemporary materials and intellectual property that will benefit the entire industry.