The team

The Patterson Dental team is a highly-experienced, close-knit group of people who take pride in offering the best restorations and implant service available to dentists in the UK 

Mark Patterson, 
Founder & Group CEO

A registered dental technician, Mark Patterson served his apprenticeship in London’s West End during the late seventies and early eighties. Here, he learned ceramic layering skills, tooth morphology and smile design from legendary technician, Michael Kempton. In the late eighties he set up his own bespoke laboratory on the south coast of England.

Mark has an in-depth knowledge of smile design and ceramic perfection and has worked with some of the UK’s most eminent dental and implant surgeons. With digital technology increasingly influencing dentistry, Mark is committed to the pursual of excellence through intra-oral scanning and digital workflow. That said, he also recognises the contribution and importance of traditional techniques.

Craig Porter, 
Laboratory Manager

Craig combines excellent ceramic skills with strong managerial expertise. With an eye for detail, he has an overview of all cases in the Patterson Dental laboratory and knows the details of each and every case personally. Craig works closely with the logistics team to ensure all our creations meet specifications and are ready for timely delivery.


Gemma Hammond,
Logistics Manager

Gemma leads our logistics team, booking in cases, scheduling case assessment, digital design and manufacture. She also manages our team of in-house drivers who will collect impressions from your surgeries and deliver your completed creations on time and to specification.


Steffen Salzer,
Sales and Marketing Manager 

Steffen is a highly experienced technician and salesman. Having worked with Mark at the bench for several years, he joined a leading dental supply company in order to gain sales experience. Steffen has now seen the light and returned to Patterson’s, where he offers  a unique blend of technical knowledge and attention to detail coupled with valuable insight into how we can help dental practices become more profitable.


Anne Bargery,
HR & Accounts Manager

Anne runs our back office and manages our accounts. She makes sure that we are working as efficiently and transparently as possible and that we are compliant with all regulations, at all times.  She will communicate with your practice manager to develop mutually beneficial relationships and enable frictionless working protocols.